Vanessa Tessinari Jewelry Gift Wrapping



We care about your purchase experience in every small detail. Your products will be sent in one of our 4 gift wrapping options:

1) Love Shopping Bag: this is the default packaging option when you make a purchase of up to 4 pieces. Includes our brand "candy scent"

2) Love Box: a "candy scented" box full of love for purchases over 5 pieces. And if this is your first purchase with us, you will get a free brand gift inside!

3) Our Traditional Gift Box: beautiful, delicate, "candy scented" for you to present anyone who you love in a great style!

4) Gift in a Can: this is a very special gift can, filled with love, "candy scented", in a versatile style that can be reused in several ways. This is an option that you can add in your Shopping Cart during your checkout for only $5. A truly creative and charming way to make your gift stand out.