Who's Vanessa Tessinari

Vanessa Tessinari Joias Semi Fine Jewelry

34-year-old woman, born in Brazil, graduated in Social Communication and a lover of fashion, trends and semi-jewelry trade. I grew up, believing that we can dream big and accomplish even more than we think we are capable of. Idealistic and fulfilling of my dreams, I learned to fall and rise, and to believe even when everything said it would not work. Today I work helping women to do the same: if they love more, if they care more and believe in themselves more and of course, with God's guidance always. Because what I do is the purpose and gift that He gave me!

Our Brand

Our brand Vanessa Tessinari Jóias has been in the American market since 2015, bringing the biggest trends in semi jewelry and high quality pieces produced in Brazil. We aim to bring self-love and self-esteem to all women, through the quality and differentiated designer of our pieces.

We understand that every woman is unique, has peculiar and particular characteristics, and therefore, they must be treated in such a way! Thus, our brand comes to highlight all this power and brilliance that it has within each one of us.

Our Jewelry

Our jewels are manufactured in Brazil and carefully selected to always offer the highest quality and trend in the market. In addition, all jewels have a 7 to 10mm bath in 18k gold, rhodium or black rhodium. They are hypoallergenic and nickel free, which proves their high quality.

We work with semi-precious stones, fusion stones, synthetic (zirconia) or glass, which guarantee the impeccable finish of each piece.


Our product lineup is composed of 4 main fashion styles: Casual, Luxury, Premium and Concept. Casual style are everyday basic pieces or new trends. Luxury: studded pieces with differentiated design. Premium: differentiated materials with stingray leather, hand painted, gemstones and unique jewelry design. Concept: pieces made with natural materials and a sophisticated finishing.



We are always thinking about your comfort and convenience. If you live in South Florida you can visit our studio. Call us and schedule your appointment for an exclusive consultation with Vanessa Tessinari.

Our address: 10 Fairway dr, Suite 300, Deerfield Beach FL 334411, United States