How to Take Care of Your VT Semi-Fine Jewelry



All semi-fine jewelry requires long term special care for greater durability and also to keep your warranty certificate valid if you need to use it. Remember that the products are delicate, so it is essential to avoid falls to keep it from damages such as scratches on the metal and cracked or missing stones.

  • Store the pieces separately, if possible, in transparent and individual bags for easy access. Avoid mixing used parts and parts from different platings in order to avoid accelerated oxidation of the parts.

  • In addition, avoid the contact between them in storage to avoid sticking them together or breaking them. Also store your jewelry at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Pick a location that maintains a consistent low humidity to help prevent premature tarnishing and discoloration.
  • When you clean your Vanessa Tessinari semi-fine jewelry, only use a cotton cloth. in case of deeper cleaning, we recommend using neutral soap to wash the products and rinsing on water. For drying the product use paper towel to remove excessive water first ant then a hair dryer to making it shine. Remember: this deep cleaning is for every 6 months, if necessary.
  • Avoid cleaning products such as chlorine and alcohol, since they may damage your item. Avoid exposing your semi fine jewelry to chemical products and remove them when you are in touch with any cleaning products that contains these ingredients. 
  • Avoid the contact  of your part with water by not using while in beach, in the swimming pool or even in the shower. All kinds of water may contain strong substances and may damage the plating of the part, reducing the durability and voiding its warranty.
  • Avoid working out with your products, especially necklaces and bracelets that may be in contact with sweat, which in the long run may damaging the item.
  • When using any beauty products such as creams, perfumes, sunscreen, among others, wait for the absorption of these products in your skin, and then wear your semi-jewelry. By following theses tips you will maximize the durability of your products, keep them protected and covered by your warranty certificate.