What is a Semi-Fine Jewelry?

Semi-Fine Jewelry is the term used to describe jewelry that has been made with precious metals and techniques such as coating. It is the perfect marriage of fashion and luxury so that the modern woman can use contemporary designs made from quality materials at an affordable price.

At Vanessa Tessinari Jewelry, the pieces are manufactured in Brazil and carefully selected to always offer the highest quality and market trend. In addition, all jewelry is 7mm to 10mm plated in 18k gold, rhodium, or black rhodium. They are hypoallergenic and do not contain nickel, which proves their high quality. The VT line features semi-precious stones, fusion stones, synthetic (zirconia) or glass, which guarantee the flawless finish of each product.

Why should I buy semi-fine jewelry?

If you love the look of layered necklaces, earrings and piles of bracelets and are looking for a style update, semi-jewelry will add some luxurious details to your everyday outfit. They're versatile and long-lasting, making them perfect for achieving the looks all modern women trust.

What is the difference between semi-jewelry and costume jewelry?

The main difference between semi-jewelry and costume jewelry is the metals used to create each piece. Costume jewelry is made with base metal, and this is the cheapest way to make “fast-fashion” jewelry (an analogy to fast-food).

The base metal is an unspecified mixture of metals, often plated with a very thin layer of gold or silver and sometimes not even that, i.e. just a gold or silver paint, which tends to discolor very quickly and may contain metals such as nickel, which irritate the skin.

Can I wear Semi-Fine Jewelry every day?

The semi fine jewelry is designed to be worn daily, we recommend just taking them off while showering or applying lotions and sprays. Check out our care guide for the best tips on caring for your Vanessa Tessinari parts. Another important factor is that authentic semi-jewels, such as the VT collections, offer a 1-year warranty certificate, something that is not found in costume jewelry.

Will Semi-Fine Jewelry last?

The only materials that last forever, regardless of usage conditions, is solid gold or silver. But a quality semi-fine jewel can last for many years! The better you take care of your semi-fine jewels, the longer they will last. The main concern of people with semi-fine jewelry is that the coating will wear out or the piece will discolor, but by following a few simple care tips, your jewelry can be kept intact. It is important to avoid the use of perfumes and lotions that may contain chemicals, as they can be harmful to your jewelry and can cause color fading and coating wear.